Our Story

Rough Day was created in 2017 by close friends and co-workers, Matt & Diana. They became fast friends when they met in college in 2008, working retail as a summer job. In 2016, they decided to work together again when they both got jobs as wine sales reps for G&B Importers, a Bulgarian wine importer. There they learned about this exciting and often overlooked wine region.

After years of knocking on doors, learning about the wine industry, and educating retailers and restaurants about Bulgarian wines, G&B gave them the opportunity to create a brand of their own, a wine that could help introduce Americans to this undiscovered region - good quality, approachable wine in irresistible packaging. Taking inspiration from their many nights of sharing a bottle of wine after a long day of work, Rough Day was born.
What's the story with the dog on the label?
There's simply no better way to capture the Rough Day mood than with the ever-moody face of a bulldog. This dog (we named him Rufus!) isn't based on one single dog, but a tribute to all the dogs we've loved, lost and continue to love today.

Pictured here are Diana's dogs, Ziggy & Cosmo.

In the Press

  • The Best Chardonnays for Every Budget and How We Rated Them

    Wine Enthusiast
    Finding a Chardonnay that offers the balance, tension and weight that are hallmarks of the variety within a value price range is like striking gold. Domestic options from California, Oregon and Washington often deliver this in spades, with imports from Australia and Bulgaria rounding out the weekday white options.
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  • This rosé is a bright and refreshing warm-weather sipper

    Washington Post
    Three wines from Bulgaria highlight this week’s selections, including a rosé and a delightful pinot noir from Rough Day, a popular and widely available bargain label. A special shout out to the brand for moving to lighter bottles to reduce its carbon footprint, and for including nutritional information on its labels for carb- and calorie-conscious consumers.
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  • This chardonnay can take the edge off a 'rough day'

    Washington Post
    We’ve all been having a lot of rough days lately, so a wine called Rough Day seems a natural choice to ease the tension. This unoaked chardonnay is like a warm embrace in a time of social distancing.
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  • My Honest Review of Rough Day Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

    Hanza Stephens
    I’m going to be honest here: the first time I ever tried Rough Day Cabernet Sauvignon was simply because I liked the label. It was cute and more exciting than some of the other basic descriptions or labels. Though that rarely (if ever) converts to a good wine, I decided to give it a shot. And it did not disappoint!
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